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LERC Publicatons

The 7th Edition has been reworked. It now helps prepare the user for the following exams: Oregon Limited Energy LEA Exam Oregon Limited Energy LEB Exam Washington Journeyman Limited Energy…

The 7th edition reference manual is a resource for those installing, maintaining and troubleshooting electrical installations.

The Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems Handbook is LERC's newest handbook for teaching ALL levels of this certification program.

The Fire Alarm Handbook - NICET Levels 1 to 4 is the definitive volume on NICET fire alarm exam material.

NICET Levels 1 to 4 is the definitive volume on NICET automatic sprinkler exam material.

The Special Hazards Element Handbook - NICET Level 1 & 2 - is a step-by-step guide, prepared by two authors with a combined 65 years in the field.


CCTV Items

This is the original, unabridged manual which contains the complete works of the Application & Design & Installation/Field Service of CCTV.

Application & Design and Installation/Field Service. All 15 DVD's for one low price. Includes The Professional's Guide to CCTV.

This is the only A to Z training course on the Application and Design of CCTV Systems.

This Installation/Field Service of CCTV training course is the only one of its kind.